FROSIO course – class part

This option is for those who have already taken the ONLINE FROSIO PREP COURSE or ONLINE FROSIO PREP COURSE IN 10 PARTS and are interested in completing their studies and obtaining the FROSIO certificate. It is possible to choose a location from listed dates and locations. If you wish to buy the online part of the course you can do so in section PRODUCTS. If you choose to split the course into sections and buy them separately, you need to purchase the first section and the following parts will be available for purchase in the system where you will have access.

Note: Listed locations aren’t fixed and may change depending on circumstances (COVID-19 pandemic, etc.). Paint-Inspector.Com s.r.o. reserves the right to postpone the course in the case of an insufficient number of participants. In such a case, all the in-class course fees paid will be reimbursed in full. 

3000 EUR
Access to online
6 months
After the final in-class exam - earlier you buy, longer the access (after ONLINE PREP COURSE for 1000 EUR and buying this product - CLASS PART the same rule as in product: ONLINE FROSIO COURSE (combo)).
Online exam
In class exam
In-class final exam
Open questions, theoretical and practical, (certificate yes), 1 attempt, 700 EUR for another attempt (product: RE-EXAM).
When start in online
Hours online
Hours in-class
4 or 5 days in the class
8hours/day (including exam day - 4 hours for theoretical exam, 4 hours for practical exam).

Here is an option to buy this product if you already completed the ONLINE FROSIO PREP COURSE (online) ONLINE FROSIO COURSE (online) in 10 PARTS and you want to continue the studying in the class at the location the most suitable for you. Choose the location from the actual offer list and get the certificate.

MODULES in-class 

  1. Welcome and intro to course and Frosio
  2. “Special topics” (depending on discussion with students)
  3. Corrosion
  4. Corrosion prevention
  5. Paint components & properties
  6. Paint types & system selection
  7. Introduction to all 15 practical exercises
  8. Practical exercises
  9. Paint Film Defects - Explanations and Reasons
  10. Paint Film Defects – Evaluation (incl use of ISO 4628)
  11. Practical exercises
  12. The Role of a FROSIO Inspector
  13. Exam preparation (Incl. “Self-registration Form”)
  14. Introduction by FROSIO invigilator
  15. Practical exercises
  16. Exam day (theoretical and practical exam)
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