Online FROSIO prep course in 10 parts

  1. The ONLINE FROSIO PREP COURSE (online) is perfect for those who want to study online regardless of time and location, have encountered topics in the field of work or want to improve and increase their existing knowledge, but don’t need a certificate OR
  2. It’s also a good start for those who want to increase their qualifications, but hesitate to buy directly the entire FROSIO ONLINE COURSE (combo). This ONLINE PREP COURSE serves as a basic platform for the future for those who decide to continue their studies and obtain the FROSIO certificate. There is an opportunity to follow up on this course and buy the in-class part later. FROSIO COURSE – 2. PART IN CLASS at location and date most suitable for you. It is possible to choose from any location listed at our website

Note: Listed locations aren’t fixed and may change depending on circumstances (COVID-19 pandemic, etc.). Paint-Inspector.Com s.r.o.reserves the right to postpone the course in the case of an insufficient number of participants. In such a case, all the in-class course fees paid will be reimbursed in full. 

125 EUR/1 PART (1250 EUR for all 10 parts)
Access to online
6 months
After the first registration, with every newly bought part, the access will be renewed for 6 months for all parts you already bought.
Online exam
Online final exam
Multiple choice, 3 attempts (no certificate).
In class exam
When start in online
Start anytime
Start anytime but we do recommend to start ahead of time of the ONLINE FROSIO COURSE - CLASS PART: online exam will be available 31 days before the final in-class exam and will be available until 11 days before the final in-class exam (mandatory).
Hours online
40-50 hours
We recommend at least 40-50 hours in total (for all 10 sections), but It's individual.
Hours in-class

After you buy and go through all 10 parts here is an option to buy the product: ONLINE FROSIO COURSE - CLASS PART in location the most suitable for you from the actual offer list and get the certificate.

MODULES for parts

  1. PART – ONLINE FROSIO introduction, Specification and standards (14 slides), Substrates (14 slides), Design (12 slides)
  2. PART – Corrosion (36 slides)
  3. PART – Surface preparation (52 slides)
  4. PART – Paints & coatings (33 slides)
  5. PART – Paint application (32 slides)
  6. PART – Paint defects (25 slides) and Zinc rich paints (6 slides)
  7. PART – Metallic coatings (11 slides) and Special coatings (27 slides)
  8. PART – Calculations (18 slides), Concrete (7 slides) and Requirements for execution on works (7 slides)
  9. PART – The role of the inspector (8 slides), Inspection work (20 slides), Reporting (13 slides)
  10. PART – HSE (22 slides), PSPC introduction (26 slides), FINAL ONLINE EXAM
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