Difference between NACE and FROSIO

The main differences between FROSIO and NACE are:

  • FROSIO certification is based on a published international standard ISO 17024, previously NS 476, whereas NACE has no basis in internationally recognized standards.
  • FROSIO is officially accredited under ISO 17024. NACE does not seem to have accreditation like this.
  • There are no financial connections between FROSIO as a certifying body and the approved training bodies. FROSIO has income only from the certification, not from training.
  • Training bodies are approved and audited by FROSIO.
  • NACE courses are taken separately: for each certificate level, you have to attend a separate course.
  • FROSIO course is taken just once and the level of the certificate is based on your experience.

In some specifications and purchasers' specifications, FROSIO level III certificates are compared with NACE level II. FROSIO does not support this practice and comparison should be FROSIO level III to NACE level III. The table below compares FROSIO levels to NACE (information taken from the official NACE homepage):

 Level ILevel IILevel III

Passed course and exam 

No experience

Passed course and exam.

Minimum two years' experience of surface treatment but no requirement for inspection experience

Passed course and exam.

Minimum five years of surface treatment experience and two of these with documented inspection experience

Passing NACE CIP I

Passing NACE CIP I.

Two years of coating related work experience No requirement for inspection experience

NACE CIP II certified and peer review.

Five years (minimum) verifiable coatings related work experience.

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