FROSIO Insulation Inspector Course

Price: 4 000 EUR (excl. VAT)
Location: Milan, Italy
Course terms: May 22 - 25, 2023
Date of exam: 2023-05-25

Online prep course


Examination fee to FROSIO

Coffee breaks

Printed materials

Welcome drink

This option is for everybody who is attending the FROSIO Insulation course for the first time.

This course is in organisation 3+1, it means 3 days of studying + 1 day of exam, in total 4 days in the class
+ online education before the course (will be announced).



FROSIO Insulation Inspector Course

The Insulation Inspector course provides an in-depth knowledge of insulation design, installation, and associated inspection. The course is a combination of independent online study carried out regardless of time and place and 4 days spent in the class.

Course Format

The course comprises of two parts – online and in-class. The online part is focused on the theory. We will organize regular webinars to help students with their understanding of the course content and to answer any questions.

The in-class course element comprises of 4 days, including 1 day for the FROSIO examination. The in-class course will review the most challenging theoretical topics as well as respond to specific needs of the students and will focus on preparation for the practical examination.

The output is the final exam which takes place on the last day of the in-class part of the course and consists of a theoretical and practical exam (open questions), with each lasting 4 hours.


At the end of the training course the students will:

  • understand the fundamentals of insulation system design and application
  • recognise typical materials and accessories used for insulation systems
  • learn about the key requirements defined in standards and specifications
  • develop an understanding of the key issues that can arise during application
  • appreciate the impact of the role of an insulation inspector in delivering the agreed quality
  • obtain an internationally recognised certification in insulation inspection


Course content:

On-Line Modules – theoretical part

  1. Inspection work and role of the inspector
  2. Trade theory and insulation classes
  3. Drawings – reading and understanding
  4. Insulation and accessories
  5. Jacketing and weather protection
  6. Installation of insulation works
  7. Paint, materials and corrosion
  8. Requirement for execution of work
  9. Standards, specifications, procedures and certificates
  10. Health, safety and environment.

In-Class Topics – practical part

  1. Welcome and intro to course and FROSIO
  2. “Special topics” and revision (depending on discussion with delegates)
  3. Paint, materials and corrosion (1 hour)
  4. Inspection work and inspector’s role (2 hours)
  5. Reading drawings (2 hours)
  6. Jacketing and weather protection (1 hour)
  7. Standards, specifications, procedures and certificates (2 hours)
  8. Exam preparation/description (incl. “Self-registration Form”)
  9. Introduction by FROSIO invigilator
  10. Exam day (theoretical and practical exam)

PIC reserves the right to cancel the course in a case of insufficient number of participants. In such case, all course fees paid will be reimbursed in full. 



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